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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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3:47 pm
February 6, 2012



Dear Tom,

Thought I liked the film until I had nightmares 2 nights running about that man's eyeball being slit open.  Did you really need that particular example of what's wrong with the world?  Does having nightmares show that I am really connected to others?  I hope not to learn this lesson that way. Please strip this scene.  You have other examples that work better. Also, I see that the film is not rated- I can do this since my eyeballs have not been brutally slit open–maybe the rating would have warned me.  (I have stopped telling friends about the film, tho.)  I hope this comment is useful to you.

1:00 am
February 5, 2012

Beck Starr


Post edited 1:24 am – February 5, 2012 by Beck Starr

I want to help.  I need to help. 


Beck Starr Photography

10:07 am
January 26, 2012


New Member

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I too left Hollywood to persue a life that made my heart sing. We left the house on the hill, the pool and the palm trees and ended up in Chicago where my husband teaches kids to read and I work at the Bodhi Spiritual Center where I teach kids and adults how to tap into their divine truth. I also help create and support Sangha circles. We are moving closer to who we are here to be which is very cool and rewarding. Some days I think I should be out there saving the world, but I have to remember that the world does not need to be saved, but loved and instead of going "out there" I can just look under my nose and see who is there that needs loving. 

Grateful to Tom and Company for using their powers for good. I will be sharing this film with my community. 

The message of your film is in harmony with my own heart song. Thank you!

Continued Blesssings!

In Love,


10:51 am
January 25, 2012


New Member

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How does a film impact one? The message is one many know, but few were able to share in such an accomplished fashion. If Tom wondered why he became who he was, and why he made the money he did, perhaps it is that it was as it should have been, without his profile in society, would his word have ever gotten out? And if he had not had the accident, would he have ever questioned who he was? Nothing happens but for a reason, we are all part of the ongoing process of who we are.

I tend to reflect from time to time on others that have reached a pinnacle in their lives where they can from that point see out far into the universe and discover more about who they are. It is from this vantage point we can climb higher to new pinnacles and thus we evolve, become more intune with who we are and our connectiveness to all things.

If we find the openess, and deliver ourselves into the oneness, it is that we need to use this, not for ourselves but for the oneness. We cannot say we disconnect ourselves or anyone is disconnected, it is that they just do not know they are connected, they are blinded by society's scientific brainwashing of being individuals; what each of us do in awareness of the connectivity is for ourselves and for others, it just happens. The more we exercise this connectivity of oneness, the more we find we are delighted, elated in our every gesture outward towards others.

If find this movie a saving grace; giving me the opportunity to share this with all I know need to discover the oneness, to discover where they stand, that they are not alone and opening their eyes to it, shall bring them closer to the peace, the love that ultimately surrounds them but they are unaware of. For this I know I can elevate the pain of fear, desperation and alonenss in a more expediiant fashion; giving me time to reach out more; this movie creates for me a bigger, broader stepping stone; getting me others faster, so they in turn can discover Hope, joy and love. We are all doing our part, Tom did his well, now I can do mine easier.


Nadine Napolitano



twitter: jesichashope

5:23 pm
January 17, 2012


Statesville, NC

New Member

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I LOVED it!  I was already on that path and have many books, and have watched many documentaries that are similar ( sort of ) but havent felt I really understood ( although I wanted to ) until now.  I feel something has changed and its deep inside.  THANKYOU Tom for making this documentary, I honestly can say it has changed my life…..now I just want to pass it on ( and "I am" passing it on lol :o)

2:07 pm
January 15, 2012


New Member

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Dachia said:

"it made me laugh, it made me cry, but most important it made me want to be a better person."

Would ditto be a tacky response? My best friend and business partner suggested I watch this movie and it so happened I had access to the Oprah network that Super Soul Sunday.  While she and I had a pretty clear idea of our goals, our goals are a bit grander now, to include producing programs that move people to action, like I Am, The Secret, and others. 


I sp appreciate Tom and his crew/staff, each having an important role in the creation of this film. Thank you, guys.


I wish you both wisdom :)

2:01 pm
January 15, 2012


New Member

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Perhaps we only need the collaboration of a percentage of the population to create a lasting desirable shift :)

2:34 pm
January 13, 2012

Melissa Heath

New Member

posts 1

I agree with Christymm. As a family we have been exploring the idea of energy and connectedness for a few years now but this was by far the best documentary I have ever seen on the subject. We watched it last night and I have been spreading the word all day! Thank you Tom and crew! Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!Kiss


9:09 am
January 12, 2012

mary elizabeth


New Member

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I have given a copy of I AM to my son who is a Special Education teacher here in Chicago.

Currently he's educating young men with behavior issues and various forms of disability. He's using I AM as a teaching tool and I'm guessing the results will be awesome. It's interesting that my son was on a very different path many years ago and then he decided he could make a change for others. I'm certain that this documentary is going to make a difference to a few teens that grew up thinking they don't matter.

Thank you for putting old world ideas into a teaching tool for the next generation. I plan on posting the changes he'll hopefully see in his students!



2:37 pm
January 8, 2012



Christymm07 said:

I was all ready on a path of awareness but this film seems to be playing a part in bringing everything together. There is a seed of truth that I can literally feel in the fiber of my being. Thank you Tom & Crew for bringing this film to light in such an age of selfish, economy enslaved, technology entrenched alone-ness.

I will be ordering a copy of this to pass out to my friends but I believe society would be served well if this were available soon on a major network that people didnt have to pay for. There are many who won't see this that should, it IS food for the soul.

I am seriously now sitting here thinking, "Now what?" What can we do and how? That is how I found this site, I was seeking out like-minded people that have started this discussion.


You had a similar reaction to this documentary as I did.  I was so moved that I wanted to run out and do something.  I, too, have been on this path of awareness and feel this documentary brings much together in a succinct way.  More than that, though, it is inspiring.

I want as many people as possible to see it also.  I would love it if Tom would do a "tour" with the documentary and coordinate with local social change groups to have a moderated discussion afterwards.  It would be a way of bringing the like-minded people in a community together to keep the consciousness growing. 



6:54 am
January 8, 2012


New Member

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I watched the film with my two older sons who are 15 and 17 years old and it was an incredible experience to share that time with them. Being a First Nations person (from Attawapiskat First Nation – lots of media attention), I grew up with a lot of the teachings that were outlined in your film, especially around being interconnected (All our relations). 

I too am a filmmaker, and recently graduated from the Ryerson University Masters program in Documentary Media (2010 – awarded a Gold Medal for my thesis work). I created my masters feature film entitled "Remembering Inninimowin" about my journey of reclaiming my first language, Cree.  I would love to share this peice of work with Tom Shadyac, if possible.  It is available through V Tape Distributions here in Toronto, so I would be honoured if he watched it.

My studies were focused on using media as a tool of empowerment and approach to Indigneous community (in regards to honouring traditional knowledge and protocol).  My written thesis was submitted in my language, in Cree syllabics. I was the first student to ever submit a written thesis in an Indigenous language at Ryerson.

Anyway, when I saw that Tom volunteers at a local college, I was inspired to continue doing the work that I have been doing in my community.  I too speak at international Indigneous conferences and in local classrooms sharing my journey of the making of my film.  I made this film with virtually no funds (student film) and my older children assisted as production assistants, and my community helped in the overall production of it. I also had a traditonal Medicine Woman as an external advisor as well.  It was an amazing experience!

I love films, but feel that media can be used on a whole other level, such as what Tom did with "I Am". As a tool to explore, critic and share.  So Chi Mee'Kwetch for your inspirational work and for sharing what you have so honestly and openly.

JAK – All my relations!

9:07 pm
January 7, 2012

Nell Court: I pay at


Stacey St. Louis, MO said:

I saw the movie today and I was sorry to hear that Mr. Shadyac Sr. passed away.  He was so darn cute on the film.  My dad passed away last year and he sort of had the same features as Mr. Shadyac.  He had to be so proud of his son to be making such an enlightening and thought provoking movie.  I didn't catch on to the time frames but I hope his dad was alive to see the movie in its entirety.  I loved the movie and I need to see it at home so I don't have to hold in all of the emotions that I had in the theater.

 I wondered if drug dealers and people with severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disease or schizophrenia would benefit if we would unite and cooperate more with each other.  Maybe these diseases would not be as prevalent as I feel they now are.  

 When the statement was made, "what's wrong with the world," and the answer was, "I am," I  I hope Tom does not feel as strongly about that answer.  Maybe he could upgrade to "I care."  Corny yes, but many people don't care unless there is something in it for them.  

This movie brought to my attention that  a great tribute was made to pain and suffering and the courage to endure and conquer evil and fears during hard and seemingly unbearable tribulations as we share love and interconnect with others.   Through all of the pain, turmoil and intolerance that we go through, we can be humbled to open our "hearts" and minds to be able to see clearer without the tunnel vision that we cannot break down unless we are put to the test.  I feel Mr. Shadyac stepped out in faith and and delivered a great and lasting message.


I don't think that this is the last that we will hear of Tom Shadyac.  I feel someone with his seeming sincere and connected heart will be bringing us other beautiful documentaries.  If Tom and George Clooney teamed up, I feel like that might create even more insight to a clearer thought process and not thinking from our brian but with our hearts.  God bless you Tom and I will keep you and your crew in my prayers.

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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