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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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8:54 pm
January 7, 2012

Nell Court


Stacey St. Louis, MO said:

I saw the movie today and I was sorry to hear that Mr. Shadyac Sr. passed away.  He was so darn cute on the film.  My dad passed away last year and he sort of had the same features as Mr. Shadyac.  He had to be so proud of his son to be making such an enlightening and thought provoking movie.  I didn't catch on to the time frames but I hope his dad was alive to see the movie in its entirety.  I loved the movie and I need to see it at home so I don't have to hold in all of the emotions that I had in the theater.

 I wondered if drug dealers and people with severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disease or schizophrenia would benefit if we would unite and cooperate more with each other.  Maybe these diseases would not be as prevalent as I feel they now are.  

 When the statement was made, "what's wrong with the world," and the answer was, "I am," I  I hope Tom does not feel as strongly about that answer.  Maybe he could upgrade to "I care."  Corny yes, but many people don't care unless there is something in it for them.  

This movie brought to my attention that  a great tribute was made to pain and suffering and the courage to endure and conquer evil and fears during hard and seemingly unbearable tribulations as we share love and interconnect with others.   Through all of the pain, turmoil and intolerance that we go through, we can be humbled to open our "hearts" and minds to be able to see clearer without the tunnel vision that we cannot break down unless we are put to the test.  I feel Mr. Shadyac stepped out in faith and and delivered a great and lasting message.


I don't think that this is the last that we will hear of Tom Shadyac.  I feel someone with his seeming sincere and connected heart will be bringing us other beautiful documentaries.  If Tom and George Clooney teamed up, I feel like that might create even more insight to a clearer thought process and not thinking from our brian but with our hearts.  God bless you Tom and I will keep you and your crew in my prayers.

7:16 am
January 4, 2012



New Member

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I was all ready on a path of awareness but this film seems to be playing a part in bringing everything together. There is a seed of truth that I can literally feel in the fiber of my being. Thank you Tom & Crew for bringing this film to light in such an age of selfish, economy enslaved, technology entrenched alone-ness.

I will be ordering a copy of this to pass out to my friends but I believe society would be served well if this were available soon on a major network that people didnt have to pay for. There are many who won't see this that should, it IS food for the soul.

I am seriously now sitting here thinking, "Now what?" What can we do and how? That is how I found this site, I was seeking out like-minded people that have started this discussion.

9:36 pm
January 3, 2012



thank you SO much for airing this oprah.  it was an amazing filmed and i was very moved by it.  everyone should watch it and take away the message.  it was an emotional journey for me and i found myself crying many times at humanities injustice to each other.  give peace a chance!

9:26 pm
January 3, 2012


United States

New Member

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Post edited 2:40 pm – January 4, 2012 by KimVazquez

I just finished watching the movie that I taped from Super Soul Sunday. I'm so excited it was shown on TV. Thank you! My heart is glowing. My soul was touched. Why? Because it really helps me to know there are others out there with a platform that are bringing the message to the people. And what a beautiful job was done conveying the message. Woo hoo!


My post on my FB page yesterday was this:

"Everywhere I go I get to BE Love. I am love. In my car, I am love. In the store, I am love. When I'm grumpy or tired, I'm still love. At my core, I'm love.. just like you."


Back on 11.8.11 my post was simply

"I am love."


I am love, but sometimes I feel a little lonely in my beliefs. I sometimes feel like the weird one, even though I'm confused at how everyone else doesn't see what's going on. The mentally ill, can't see that they are mentally ill which makes me look like the ill one. 


So, you can imagine this movie had quite an impact on me. I feel understood. I feel like I'm not alone in this mission. I feel inspired. As I watched, I wanted to jump up and down and yell: Yes! 

The whole thing- I could feel you! I get it. Even the concept of no one should be more elevated than the other, we are all brothers and sisters. That's exactly how I feel. At some point we, as a society, chose to elevate some people for what they do as their jobs. Can you imagine accountants or taxi drivers being chased down for their autographs because they had a reputation for being the most gifted at their jobs? Why not? What is the difference? I don't understand celebrity at all. If anything, I empathize with those who find themselves living in it. I can only imagine how it would amplify what needs healing inside.

I related to many of the feelings shared in your story, Tom. Five years ago I had a fat house on the golf course, two small businesses, 4 rentals and a second home in Tahoe. My drive, however, came from feeling unworthy. I created a facade hoping that I'd finally feel that I had arrived. My busy, vacuum of a life, was empty. I was dying inside. My life was inauthentic. My soul was screaming. I could literally feel a scream underneath my skin everyday. I could barely handle that. Then I became ill. My organs felt like they were shutting down. I began dropping weight rapidly and almost died. 17 pounds in nine days, until I was under 100 pounds. The doctors couldn't explain it.

I can!  My soul was done with that life. My body and mind would not get better so I lost the houses and the businesses, and in the process, found me. The real me. The one who is love. Yey! 

I'm still healing the disharmony my prior life created within my body. Not to say that I enjoy what I'm dealing with, but the lessons are so profound that I've experienced a gift. My eyes and heart were opened. 

As a result, I live with my mom these days because it's necessary. What I had left of my "stuff" I put in a storage unit. And for the last year I've been consumed with the feeling to purge it all. I just want to feel lighter. If everything changes in my life and I could buy it all again-  I don't know if I want to own a lot of "stuff." It just doesn't seem to matter anymore. That's not depression talking, that's freedom talking.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this film. I am a part of this movement in consciousness and I'm delighted that such a beautiful film can represent for LOVE. 

I've decided to lock it down on my DVR so I can use it as an anchor. Whenever I feel a little lonely or lost I know I've got something I can watch to remind me of who I really am.


Big hug! 

1:21 pm
January 3, 2012


New Member

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Oh Cooked–there is no logic to fighting for peace, and there seems to be no end to the refusal to grasp that the non-concept of  'if you kill me, I would have to kill you back,' belies all reason. I am dreading the coming together fight being planned for my hometown Tampa in August. Another bloodbath of words to stop and reverse any progress, and split apart any consensus about moving forward together. And then the other half will bring their own round of dividing us asll economically as well..

11:23 am
January 3, 2012


at large

New Member

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"it made me laugh, it made me cry, but most important it made me want to be a better person."

Would ditto be a tacky response? My best friend and business partner suggested I watch this movie and it so happened I had access to the Oprah network that Super Soul Sunday.  While she and I had a pretty clear idea of our goals, our goals are a bit grander now, to include producing programs that move people to action, like I Am, The Secret, and others. 


I sp appreciate Tom and his crew/staff, each having an important role in the creation of this film. Thank you, guys.


Co-Active Life Coach…. Mental, Emotional and physical Fitness for the Natural Horseman 




3:22 pm
January 1, 2012



Sympathy and Empathy are imperative in order to get the depth of growth the movie speaks of. However,
I do not believe all individuals are capable hence personality disorders like narcissism. The mental illness of wanting and living to accumulate more than what is needed (ego based) could actually be for many considered dual diagnosis therefore some simply will be incapable. Further, we can only truly connect when we lose ourselves in God/higher power… only then we will find true happiness. I love the movie and believe everyone needs to see it minimum two times.

10:02 am
January 1, 2012



I found this to be an outstanding point of view, that I have recently been exploring myself.
From my personal standpoint, i feel that we are all the same, having all been born on the same planet.
I was disturbed however, by the sponsor on the OWN network showing, for "Megalomart" showing a mother
Attempting to coerse her little child out of her shopping cart to make room for more "stuff". I guess this was exactly the point Tom was trying to make.
I wasnt alive when Roosevelt uttered those famous words about fear, but i'm convinced that fear is the biggest enemy and motivator of the human race. Unfortunately it is not the correct emotion that we should focus on.
This life is my journey, this journey is my life. Everthying matters.

9:53 am
January 1, 2012


New Member

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I watched I AM this morning on OWN, unfortunately I didn't get to see it from the beginning.  What I did see made me think of a lot of parallel teachings from the Bible.

I AM got me thinking of a follow up production that relates I AM to a Biblical perspective.  So the idea is to relate points made throughout the show to teachings in the Bible.  I did see the part where you show where Jesus says it is better to give than receive, but there is a lot more. 

It is amazing that this book written so long ago has truths that I AM presents and that science is proving.

8:16 am
January 1, 2012


New Member

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I'm blown away, and I haven't even finished watching the film! Having problems finding the words…beautiful, amazing…I'm beyond grateful for this film.

8:59 pm
December 31, 2011


New Member

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This movie has had a major impact on me.  It has made me look at my life in a whole new perspective and made me requestion basic assumptions that I taken for granted my whole life.  As a teacher, I know that this movie will impact the way I communicate with my students and really shift the focus from the self to the community.  It also made me rethink my purpose in life.  Teaching was always a natural choice for me and is something that I do enjoy but is it my passion? I highly doubt…so what is my purpose? How many of us aren't actually fulfilling our purpose due to the pressure of society to get a secure job, get a house, a car etc…  I can just imagine the eye rolls I'd get for leaving teaching due to my great pension…but it's ridiculous to think that you should stay in a job because of the money they'll give you after 30 years of doing something you don't like..how did this become something so fantastic? 


So overall, this movie has basically screwed with my head (but in a good way) :)

10:53 pm
December 30, 2011


New Member

posts 1

I feel the message in the doc is profound. But it also strikes me that there are other ways to deal with the luck we receive. There are so many people, like myself, for whom that amount of money would be life changing, but that does not mean it would make me happy granted but the pressure the weight on me and my family would allow me to breath and see the other options.


I am struck by the story Tom tells of being in the big house and the movers leaving and realizing he is not happy. But there was a choice there. When you are struggling, working two jobs back to back, there's no chance to pop your head up and see what choices are out there. 


Right now I am under employed, I don't think money or things will make me happy but I know it would allow me to help my family, whom I currently help and support, more. It would allow me to visit the man I love who is working night and day in another city. It would allow him to have one job not two etc. It's hard for me to reconcile what I know the message is, that things don't make us happy, the work we do as humans does with the real need I have for a substantial amount of money to right my ship.. It would make me happy and allow to me breath.

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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