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This forum page is dedicated to all the wonderful people who have attended the
screenings and would like a place to share, engage, and discuss.

How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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12:09 am
December 21, 2011

Austin Reese Babin


Dear Tom-

Fate is solely responsible for bringing me to watch this movie, as I was thumbing through my "On Demand" list, and I will now do everything that I can to spread the word.

At just 21 years old with and not even out of school, this film captures all the things that I question and believe with my whole being- and most importantly, thanks to your brilliance, makes it understandable and relatable to everyone and anyone! Not just psychologically-inclined minds that are already on this thought path.

About to graduate with a degree in musical theatre and dance, I have been feeling this pull recently to NOT move to New York, jump on the industry's conveyor belt, and dedicate the beginning of my life to surviving in American society- but to mission work, or world travels.. something to further nourish how I'm going to create dance/theatre/music- any and all art- with the purpose of teaching the world about these "problems" and spreading the cure of love.

Of course, the abandonment of both society's notions of "success" and the need of money to survive is an extremely scary thing- and growing almost impossible to even comprehend to my generation. However, your film is exactly the inspiration that I need.. that every generation of the world needs.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this. I would love to communicate with you personally and privately, just to share thoughts, if you happen to feel so compelled. My email address is austinbabin@yahoo.com.

Much love!

4:10 pm
December 18, 2011



I have just finished watching the film, finally feel as if something makes sense. I have often felt that we are all connected it was wonderful to see scientific evidence.

I have found a significant change in myself from changing how I think about my needs. I start at my funeral and work backwards. What would be said about me? She was a long time renter never owned a house, managed to make a living just getting by, had debt and subsequently could not afford a lavish funeral. NO! none of that would be said. It would not matter. Who I was as person, who I connected with, who I loved that is all that would be spoken of. If it's not important after we die, then, Why do we let it separate us in life? We work so hard to accumulate, own property, and fill it with stuff. All the time we spend working to get that stuff, takes us further and further from family, friends and life. This helps direct my thinking when I think I "need" something. What I need cannot be bought, connection with others, and love is all we need. Thank you Tom for making an inspiring film.

9:34 pm
December 13, 2011



New Member

posts 1

I have not been impacted by the film.  I am disabled and can't really leave the house much, but after reading the conclusions that tom came to from this film and looking over the website, I see that he is passionate and understanding of the same thing I am. 

So, before stumbling into Tom's revelation, I want to share my own and let you decide if I am "worthy" to help here. 

I am still recovering from a horrific suicide attempt after 10 years of existential hell, divorce, etc. being jailed then put into the worst part of nashvilles ghetto to be abused and threatened 24/7.  I sensed there was a reason that I survived this whole time, but it was hard to understand until recently when I finallly Finally got stabilized and am actually able to voice what my "beautiful mind" so to speak has been dying to say since i first started having conscious experiences with this diseased culture we call society. 

so i started to write. and after the writing i got invited to apply to speak at ted.com… after receiving a little realistic validation for my half-stated theory/proposal of a solution to poverty/violence, I saw a contest google was holding for the "sequel" to google plus… well i gave them more than they really wanted to hear but we'll see how that turns out in a few days… finally when i was exhausted and ready to give up, i saw that Tom had come out with a documentary (which was a big "Really?!!"–thats another story but i knew he always had this in him) in a side note on a website that had nothing to do with anything important to me or this project, yet it was enough to lead me to this forum which I feel like is the avenue for me to make the biggest difference in this world (so far).

Take a look at what i was proposing to google (tastetesttrust.blogpsot.com or prizes.org's google contest entry section) and if it makes sense to you, skype me.  I am very close to a couple people but dont get to see them much as they have jobs. So I am available almost 24/7 on skype/facebook/googlechat/googleplus/twitter…

Sincerely, Chaz Lawrence  Smile


7:22 pm
December 6, 2011



Hi Tom

I was thinking I should come up with a fancy response to your question about how your film I AM has impacted me, but then I figured that was exactly what one of the points of the film was, tame my ego and tune up my heart! So hear is my response from the heart, it made me laugh, it made me cry, but most important it made me want to be a better person.  I believe this film will move people to action, for myself, I was thinking of volunteering in palliative care, and now I know from watching this film, that this is one way I can use my skills to help others in their time of need!  thanks for making the film, I eagerly await your book!


Wendy (located in the beautiful Rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada)Cool

1:39 pm
December 4, 2011


United States

New Member

posts 1

It has given me a clarity to a course I've begun to walk in my life.  Quiet knowing.  There's no logic in fighting for peace, but knowing that the energy I put into a room, a street, a city, a world has the power to give the gift of loving peace to others allows me to stay in love, act in peace and let nature take its own loving course.

9:58 pm
November 24, 2011



I received an email from the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk, VA concerning upcoming events and fundraisers.  A showing of I AM  was held this month, sponsored by CHKD, at the Naro Theater in Norfolk, VA.  After researching the movie, I invited my son and his girlfriend to attend since both of them have strong personal & professional interests in literature, creative writing and film.  The film was inspiring!  We had a great discussion on numerous concepts presented in the film during the drive home.  I personally want to learn more about the philosophies of the esteemed individuals interviewed in the film.


My generation was going to change the world and fight the establiishment.  Yet the spirit has died down.  Our society has become materiialistic and self-centered, perhaps because we have been given too much.  We are more intersted in the lives of those on reality TV, who we view from the comfort of our sofas.  We have lost focus on the world around us.  Nothing is personal any more.  With the troubling economy, we as a society are becoming increasingly depressed.  We need to pull together as human beings and help each other.  Through group efforts, the diversity of ideas can provide the means to conquer problems that we cannot solve individually.


Although I am very worried about the unrest, lack of tolerance, and the world-wide economic issue, I am thankful, on this Thanksgiving Day, to have clean water to drink, food on the table, shelter, lack of fear that someone might shoot me because of my religious beliefs or ethnicity.  So many individuals throughout the world do not have these riches.  I hope to contribute in changing the world for the better.



6:10 pm
November 20, 2011


Portland OR

New Member

posts 1

A group of 6 or so senior men got together to discuss the implications of the documentary this Spring.  After a spirited discussion, we decided that the central message of the documentary for us was that we have too many competitive stories in this culture and not enough collaborative ones, especially those that promote equity or address the disadvantaged.  We therefore decided to develop some criteria for collaborative stories in organizations and then support and publicize those stories as we find them, and perhaps give out a 'certificate of collaboration' (modeled on Food Alliance or LEED certification).  We're still refining our criteria and assessing their reliability using some sample organizations (Panera Cares Cafe and local Portland OR non-profits).  So far, we are looking in four places for collaborative stories:  organizational goals, activities, decision-making, and language/metaphor.  Some of the most interesting collaborative stories we've found are not the ones in charitable non-profits, but those that exist within for-profits or in government.  Thanks for making I AM and prompting us into action!

2:08 pm
November 4, 2011

Mark in Mayer,Az


My selfish lifestyle of 40% fear and 60% love had me wobbling about for over 50 years now. Many times my worry would put me on my ea ..LOL I am now a little more conscious of the sabotouge of self and can now stand on one foot…WHOOA..hey it takes time to unlearn this crap :)

4:30 pm
August 29, 2011



Haven't seen the film, but watched Mr. Shadyac on Oprah. I guess in my life I was luck, in that my parents raised me with a belief system, and that is God. I was raised to believe that there is more to life than material possessions. I was raised with the belief, that we should be thankful for what God give us in life, and that if he wishes to give us more, he will. There is a purpose to everything in God's devine plan for each of us. He may put us in a certain life or situation to teach us, or help our soul through its own evolution. I grew up in a family of 6 children. Our parents were good providers. Mind you, we did not have a butler or maid, or a rolls royce, but so what, we were a very close and loving family. I was thankful for loving parents, a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food on the table. I was also very happy with the fact that my parents were people of high integrity, and they never sold out to money or power. I guess this is why I have always disliked people whose main goal in life is money and material posessions. There is nothing wrong in this, except whe one loses sight of the real purpose in life. When we stand before our God, which ever God that might be, our material posessions or fancy titles from this world will not matter one iota. What will matter is the impact we have had on our fellow man, and how we treated people. Mr Shadyac, I am glad you finally realised this in life. Perhaps this is why God took you on the path he did. Some of us realize sooner than others, but what ever it takes. God waits patiently for all of us.Laugh

7:12 pm
July 16, 2011

Jenn Hackman


For me it, both the movie and Tom's story were very inspiring. It's a great message and although I was already familiar with the message from a philosophical standpoint, I enjoyed the focus on the science. At this time in our country's history and in our world history it is so easy to feel discouraged, frustrated and angry at people who are focused on fear, power, ego, etc. And it is also easy to feel small. To me, the making of this film means that the snowball has taken shape and that there is a community of aware, focused people.

3:51 pm
June 8, 2011



New Member

posts 1

I watched the movie yesterday and it impacted me in a profound way.  I thought that the way I thought of life was wrong.  Now I realize that the point of view; is the point of view of the universe.  Maya Angelou says, "We are more alike than unlike."  This is very true, understanding that people who have hatred, jealously, envy are damaged human beings.  They did not come out of the womb this way.  We must have a paradigm shift or else we will be non-existent and empty.

7:29 pm
June 6, 2011


New Member

posts 2

It has been almost a month since I saw the film and it is still speaking to me.  I can't wait to buy it & watch it again.  I have been watching "What the Bleep" repeatedly b/c it speaks to the same message, but speaks more about quantum physics (something hard to get my mind around).  The movie has had a deeply profound effect on me that is still occurring. 


I was so encouraged by someone of Tom's wealth giving most of it away now-  I loved the yogurt experiment.  After reading about much of this over the last 10-12 years now- I can finally say I am starting to get it.  The transformation I am experiencing is indescribable!  I talk about it just about every day. The love discussed is happening to me… it is wonderful!  I feel ever stronger to share my love and vision with my world. 


Tom & crew- thank you VERY much for putting this together so beautifully.  I look forward to what is next- in your docs & silly movies.  I sure hope we can get you to East TN.  It's beautiful here in the falll.




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