hit theaters very profound changes and compelling discussions have been taking place.
This forum page is dedicated to all the wonderful people who have attended the
screenings and would like a place to share, engage, and discuss.

How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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11:34 am
March 31, 2011

I AM Team


posts 151

Hey Grinrevere! Thank you for your beautiful insight- We appreciate you sharing your experiences. YOU ARE IT! We are inspired by you and your friend. If you would like to receive updates please sign up on the top right corner of our website http://iamthedoc.com

7:17 am
March 30, 2011



posts 13

Wrote this mini review for the people who want to bring it to Santa Barbara after I saw it in Santa Monica:

'I AM' the documentary reconnects us to ourselves through a new story that reminds us of who we are–not who we were taught to be. The result is positive, uplifting, hopeful and resonant.   As a frequent meditator, it put me pulled me into a blissful meditative state that remained through my dreams and into the next morning.  Though I was already familiar with much of the information  in the film, the clips of conversations with the "great minds"  presented and the exquisite use of images assisted in resonating with the truths expressed on even deeper levels.  The friend with whom I saw  'I AM'  agreed it was wonderful.  I asked him if there was anything he didn't like about it.  "Yes", he answered, "that is didn't last longer."  The fact that Tom's Shadyak turned a "tragic" life event into such a beautiful contribution to the world through the strength of his spirit and his talent as a movie maker, combined with the changes in lifestyle he made as a result of the exploration described in the film, made it's message all the more credible and powerful.

3:29 pm
March 29, 2011



I watched this video at school today and this movie made me think in a whole differnt way on what is wrong with our world. This movie is inspiring. good job (Y)

7:26 pm
March 28, 2011



I have not seen I AM. The movie has not yet arrived in Florida where I live. I listened to Rosie O'Donnell on Sirrius radio rave about I AM so I googled the website. I have spent the past few hours mesmerized by the wealth of information, a gift I was offered, by being able to explore the philosophies of the people interviewed for the movie. Recently I have been thinking about sustainabilty from a holistic viewpoint and I am so excited about the conversations and ideas the producing of this film has brought to my attention that even before seeing the movie I want shout about it from my rooftop and everybody elses rooftop too!

8:01 am
March 28, 2011

I AM Team


posts 151

Hey Everyone!

As Thomas Merton, the Catholic mystic once said 'the only real revolution, is the personal revolution.' This film is about starting a conversation, where we can share, engage, and discuss… So let your life be your message…Be the Change you wish to see if the world. So, how has I AM impacted you???

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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