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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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10:32 am
April 29, 2012



New Member

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This movie has truly impacted my life.  It spoke to my heart in such a way that I feel compelled to be involved.  I am on a spiritual journey right now and walking to find my purpose in life.  I am currently a college student and a single mother.  I am unsure of what direction I am headed yet there have been many coincidences lately that have shown me that life is so much bigger than what mainstream America believes it to be.  This movie spoke to this "bigness" in a way that was simple and easy to follow.  I want to be a part of this movement and become involved in any way at all.  It is frustrating to me that college is so expensive and so many people are struggling to get by when like this movie portrayed the millionaires are living the life of luxury! It really is sad.  I recently watched a special on India and I was amazed to see how the slums were right in the back yard of all the skyscrapers and rich people.  How do people miss that or ignore that?  Yet I am no better because I have more than enough and could be doing so much more.  This movie just lit the fire to set out on a new journey just like Tom.  Thank you once again!  You are doing amazing things in my life!!

10:46 am
April 28, 2012


New Member

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I just watched the movie and it really did a great job of expressing what I've been sorting through during my "mid life crisis".

As a father and husband dedicated to providing for my family I've been struggling with finding the balance between my duties vs. trying to not get caught up in the lie of the consumeristic construct of our society.  I've recognized that the game society says we should all be playing is a path to nowhere, but need to do well enough in the corporate world to support my family.
As a family we've downsized our home and individually I've made a career decision to leave the more lucrative financial services industry for the utility industry where there is a real focus of being part of the community. 
These were small steps and didn't completely get me to a place where I could say I was happy that I was out of the game and on the right path.
What I loved about the movie was the compelling depiction of the issue – the lie that the money game of consumerism is the answer when it's really the problem – and probably more importantly the simplicity of the solution:  You can make a difference by doing every little thing you do each day with love.  It's so empowering.
My struggle in the past has been trying to solve this multivariate equation of getting off the merry-go-round but still being "successful" enough to support my family financially. How could I be part of doing something to help the world with all it's issues, with all it's injustice and all it's poverty, etc. when I had to play the game to support my family.
As I'd think through the things I could do to provide something meaningful that would make a difference I'd quickly get overwhelmed. I'm working 10 to 12 hours everyday, I have 2 hours of commute time, etc. how will I have time to do something more – I'd be exhausted thinking about solutions and would end up feeling defeated and overwhelmed.
The uplifting feeling I got from the simple revelation that I can make a difference in every little thing I'm already doing everyday by doing it with love, is great. I feel energized that I CAN actually do something that will matter. Knowing I can bring a little peace and joy to the world by changing HOW I do what I'm already doing is AWESOME!
Thanks so much for helping me see this. For helping me understand I can make a difference without doing anything grand. Thanks, thanks thanks.
I'd also love to hear thoughts from any other folks who are the family bread winners and what you do to balance your working life with being part of the solution. Am I on the right path?

11:40 pm
April 26, 2012


wichita ks.

New Member

posts 2

Hi all! Enjoyed this.

 The question is to me/us now. How ? we will see is safe answer I know but my best one at the moment.

  Maybe not in a profound life changing way that many express,but changing just the same.

  Because I have to start asking myself WHERE that person is. I AM ME! Yes it IS true.

  Ironically before this even started I was asking the question? & saying NO ,Not what is wrong ,But what is RIGHT? & how do we add to it or help it progress rather than say how do we fix it .

  so much of what is said is how I have raised myself ,we ARE obligated to pass it on.we are connected. That farmer was right! IT is Alive! & WE are part of it.

  I am glad you are getting some of your questions answered! The end you saw was truly there & you were allowed a pass this time & took full advantage of it .The message you send I guess I understand because it is about honesty! about the small part really making a difference.

  I did take something from this because even though I understand the inner workings of my brain all to well & I too have recovered many,many times from illness & live with IT as a way of Life.

 The connection between the heart & the brain was never as obvious to me as when I saw the discussions in this.I would love to go through those tests as I change with my aura & my i.q. changes or adjusts & my mind body play their survival games,as I call them. Maybe it is not about how my mind body adjust or my senses but simply my heart? I like that! The peace,love I have IS ME! I AM obligated to pass it on. Peace. Rick Smile

8:15 pm
April 25, 2012


New Member

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Wow, few things really shake me to the core, so congratulations on that!  What an inspiration this documentary is and a challenge to do something about the world in which we live.  My family and I will be acting locally to make this world a better place!


9:17 pm
April 19, 2012


New Member

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I AM Team said:

First off, thank you to everyone who posts in here – your words are truly incredible and inspiring- they keep us going when it gets tough and we are so grateful for all the wisdom and beauty that has been shared here. So again, Thank you so much from the bottom, tops, and sides of our heart. Keep em' coming…

Torino- I AM is in the process of being translated. Hold tight and thank you!


thank you.  I had no idea about this film until tonight. a Dear friend posted on Facebook. I watched…part 1….part 2….and wow…part 3.  Words can not express the profound appreciation I have for this team.  You are…and I am too. thank you. 

9:56 am
April 18, 2012

I AM Team


posts 151

First off, thank you to everyone who posts in here – your words are truly incredible and inspiring- they keep us going when it gets tough and we are so grateful for all the wisdom and beauty that has been shared here. So again, Thank you so much from the bottom, tops, and sides of our heart. Keep em' coming…

Torino- I AM is in the process of being translated. Hold tight and thank you!


7:34 am
April 18, 2012


New Member

posts 1

Dear Tom and I AM Team,

This film has had a profound impact on my life. A friend shared her DVD with me and I have watched it three times. I pick up more information with each viewing and find it so inspirational !

I have worked with people with severe and persistant mental illness for 27 years. I have been appalled, upset and angered by the way my clients have been portrayed in the media. Even worse, by the way they are often treated by the public, including other healthcare professionals. I have often wondered, "What can I do to change this ? How do I bring out empathy and compassion in others ?"

Your film has given me a starting point. I have also begun reading some of the books by the authors interviewed in the film. I never heard of some of them but I am so glad I learned of their work through you. This is knowledge the whole world should embrace. What a wonderful place it could be if we do. Thank you so much for your work!!

9:07 am
April 14, 2012


New Member

posts 1

Tom and Staff, I work in the personal growth field, following (and finishing my certificate) Linda Kohanov's Approach (The tao of Equus and more…) and in our work we use ALL the information you have given in this Doc, from emotions as information, the energy field of the heart, the Mirror neurons etc. I am currently back in my country, Italy where I will be starting to SPREAD the love for one aonother throught the way of the horse. I'd love to be able to use you documentary for showing at workshops for all the people that thinks that what i do (and HOW i do it) is just new age bullshit… 

Unfortunately as of now here in Italy very few books have been translated that can give me the scientific support I'd love to have (Sheldrake and his morphic filed theory being one of them). Please keep me posted or keep this forum posted as how the translation (or subtitle) process goes. 

there is so much need for scientific return on so many thing we do, as it really is that most of the pople out there still run on the old program: "If I dont see it I dont believe it". Luckly working with horses gives anybody the immediate feedback that they need to believe, but it is very much based on underliying stuff that we all know exist but you can't actually see. 

And Linda's new book "the power of the herd" will be out in the fall and talk all about how Darwing was totally misinterpreted and his concepts used for benefiting the power of the fittest over collaboration, that we know now will never work. Collaboration is paramount in every step of life, makes things easier and life less painful. 

keep up the good work, and if you ever wants to come to Italy to do lectures let me knwo I'll make it happen.

luv from Torino.

9:29 pm
April 8, 2012



Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the unforgettable and powerful message that I received from the movie and you personally last night. I was the little guy sitting in the front row you gave the double fist pound to. I feel incredibly fortunate to have gained great insight into the interconnectedness of the world that we are a part of as well as the  power and impact of love at such a young age. I will use the lessons that you taught me last night and apply them to my day to day life.

Thank You

Scott KearnsLaugh

11:17 am
March 30, 2012

I AM Team


posts 151

Wow, thank you for sharing! Write your books : ) Peace to you and thank you! I AM because WE ARE!

10:59 pm
March 28, 2012


New Member

posts 1

Hi Tom,

A couple of days ago, I was browsing through Pay-Per-View and stopped on the movie, "I AM" and watched it.  WOW!!  It is wonderful!!!  This documentary "spoke" to me personally with such clarity and purpose.  Your experience mirriors mine – I too had a brain trauma last year. They say I AM "a walking miracle".  And I AM grateful for this extended life!

I didn't know who directed the movie, "Evan Almighty", but now I do, and it's a movie that I LOVE and watched over and over during my recovery.  Like an idiot savant.  It makes me happy!!  You have such a GIFT from God.  The story exudes JOY that our God personally talked to Evan and loved him despite his lack of faith. The message, "Acts of Random Kindness". the ARK, is the beginning of wisdom.  We have to do our part and get on the ARK, side by side.  

My purpose…. to write children's books from a perspective that's never been done before….I them "put on the shelf" for years because I didn't listen to God.  But I AM still here to write them.  What a blessing!   Thank you for your inspiring journey and for "re-awakening" my dreams. 

With Love,  Beth Smile

10:43 am
March 28, 2012

I AM Team


posts 151

Thank you all so much for sharing… we truly appreciate your words, feelings, & thoughts –> you are an inspiration to us all!

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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