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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution...the PERSONAL Revolution! | I AM | Forum

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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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2:08 pm
March 23, 2012

Carolin R.


Hello Tom, hello I Am Team,

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful documentary. I was studying for an American literature exam when I encountered Tom's movie, and I was surprised how Emerson had talked about this Unity of the Universe in 1836 and how this idea has dissapeared in our libraries and forgotten ever since.

And it strengthened my wish to be part of this, to do sthg meaningful with my life and to help people because although I might not be able to change the world (what I usually hear when I talk about my wish to work for the UN or any other global organization) if everybody did just a lil bit then we could all be this ocean of the last wonderful metaphor.


10:52 am
March 14, 2012


Paonia, CO

New Member

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Hello Tom,

I do not know if you read these posts, but if you do, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the impact your film has had on me. It not only brought me back from the brink of hopelessness (at the state of affairs on planet earth) but has also renewed my faith in the goodness of the human spirit. Your story was especially poinant… for many years, I have struggled with certain challenges that have been the direct result of a brain injury. I have had difficulty finding my place in this world since the accident, even though I have been on a quest for Truth most of my life. Much of what you shared in the film was not new information; however, the way in which it was presented really struck a chord deep within my heart. It rattled me back into the land of the living. Everything matters. Every thought, every word, every action… thank-you for the reminder that there is no such thing as a small act. To have the courage to take a stand for the beauty and the majesty of life… to allow the heart to fully open and embrace everything… even the suffering, has reignited my spirit. My brain injury had led me down a long dark road to a place where I was feeling overwhelmed by the madness in our world (wetico) and not knowing what I could do about it. And though I may not know exactly what I can offer the world, I know that my being here matters. A friend shared this film with me a week ago. Since then, I have watched it three times and have told everyone I know about it. I bought a copy so I could share it with others. I live in a small town on the Western Slope in Colorado. I would love to facilitate sharing this message in anyway I can! Thanks again.



12:31 pm
March 13, 2012

I AM Team


posts 151

VERY COOL YVONNE!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!! Do you have an email address we could contact you at?? Thank you!

12:31 pm
March 13, 2012

I AM Team


posts 151

VERY COOL YVONNE!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!! Do you have an email address we could contact you at?? Thank you!

12:12 pm
March 13, 2012

Yvonne in Portland (


I saw I AM in Portland, Ore., during the day with a girlfriend. I took my 2 sons to see it that same night. When it stopped playing in Portland I saw it again in Salem, a 45 min drive. Then I ordered 3 copies of the DVD and gave 2 away with the request to the recipients to share them far and wide. I've had screenings at my home. Everyone I've shown it to or given it to or has seen it somehow without my help (!) has been blown away.

A week ago I was driving down I-5 south for a meeting I didn't want to go to and saw a car next to me with two decals. The first said, "No Bad Days" and the second said, "I AM. I GOT IT." I had my DVD in my car, intending to loan it to a co-worker, and so I held it up so the driver could see it. He got a big grin on his face and gave me a huge thumbs up. We just drove there, side by side, at 60MPH grinning like idiots. I took the next exit and got a flat tire. In a safe place. I missed the boring meeting. :) I have AAA. My tow truck driver was AWESOME. When he dropped me off at the tire center (I drive a Mini and there's no room for a spare), I asked him if I could loan him a movie, and would he please mail it back to me. He said, "Sure, I'll mail it back!" I gave him the DVD. Who knows where all of this will lead?

I am Yvonne Aileen. And I AM.

4:44 pm
March 6, 2012


New Member

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During the recession my husband experienced perpetual lay-offs in the construction industry.  We have dealt with the issues of bankruptcy and now foreclosure, two issues I never thought would happen to us.  I would hear those bankruptcy commercials, and think to myself, who are these people that they are advertising to?  Now I know, there by the grace of God go I.   These lessons were never something I would have asked for, but now that I have experienced I realize how much I did not realize I did not know.  How easy you can go from being seemingly self-sufficient, to relying on government programs just to get by.  Being held hostage to the whims of Wall Street corruption that first sucked out the jobs, and then sucked out the homes, you realize how dependent we have become to Wall Street and consumerism.  Due to necessity we have learned to garden, and cut back on material possessions.  My marriage has been strained, my faith in government, that allowed these abuses, fractured, and my fortitude tested as an individual knowing that giving up is not an option as I have children to lead.


I used to sit in my living room wondering how I could paint and decorate it.  Then one day, after believing I had done right by getting married, getting a house and then having kids, found myself serving the children dinner and simply not having enough food to go around.  The transition was painful, the lessons learned magical.


Your time, dedication, research and artistic expression, documented a film that could have come straight from my heart.  Love is really all we need.  Freedom for the infection in our brains that has lead us to believe our importance is based on the appearances we can keep up based on our purchasing power.


I aspire to one day be a history teacher, it is this documentary I plan to show, to show the interconnection of our world, our people, our lives.


May greatness lead your way.  Peace.  Bridgette 

11:18 pm
February 29, 2012



Hi Tom: No special connection here with you (as far as I know:()Cool…except as a clinical psychologist (sorry I am anonymous due to client confidentiality issues) I loved what you had to say.  I just started a bog and had to comment on my recent viewing (finally!).  Anyway, I will let you read it for yourself as part of my blog if the admin or other wishes.  Best Regards,  Dr.BettaBKale @ soulstuffmusings.blogspot.com.

6:16 am
February 28, 2012



Hello Tom

I loved your film!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) All the info regarding the heart being our true organ of knowledge was a real ah-ha moment for me. I used to feel vaguely embarresed when i would get a vagus nerve swelling – that filling of warmth, bubbling up of emotion that makes me cry, yet feels so good and true. I had never thought of or named that emotion/made it conscious or even considered that it was a universal emotion – until your film. Oh Goodness – Thank you dear one.

11:58 am
February 20, 2012

Michael Greenberg, M




I saw the film over the weekend and was moved.  Especially because in my office is a Patch Adams movie poster signed by Patch who is a good friend of mine.  (You can call him and run my name by him before you delete this communication!)  I am a physician who has been working on a vision of bringing care and compassion back to healthcare.  I also have been involved in the same insanity you were — the belief that having more money would make me happier.  Last year on my radio show I created a simple project — Candy and a Can, asking my listeners to not only collect candy but ask for a can of food for their local food pantry.  Being on XM, the idea only got so far.  I am interested in using that idea but your movie sparked my creativity to go further.  You've already got the structure in place. 

I have two ideas to raise money (which I would gladly give to your foundation) and I need to speak to somebody involved with the foundation, but I can't find a contact number and Google hasn't been much help.  How can I reach somebody for a short conversation about two ways I feel might help?

Hopefully this will get to you or somebody.  If you want to check me out, go to http://www.reachmd.com and search my shows and the topics.  You'll find my show with Patch on the website.  Or go to Amazon and look at "A Man of Sorrows" or "Off the Pedestal" with my name….Michael Greenberg, M.D.

Hopefully, if it's in the Universe's interest, we can talk. 

Michael Greenberg    offped@yahoo.com     847-271-7747

2:08 pm
February 19, 2012


New Member

posts 1

To be completely honest everything in this movie is what i had already believed in based on where my path in life has guided me. The reaction that i would often get when telling people what i believed in so strongly, they looked at me like i was a crazy person. Especially when i would say that we are all living in extravagance and that greed was taking over the world. I am glad that i was able to watch the documentary and learn that i am not just a crazy person, that other people do believe as i do, that the way we are living in today's society is the complete wrong way. I just wish we could show this film to children in schools, let them see what the real world is about. Show them that greed, competition, and extravagance are not important, that love for thy neighbor, love for other life forms, and love for yourself is what truly makes the world go round. Perhaps Tom Shadyac should go around to schools personally and speak to the students, because seeds need nourishment to grow into a strong plant that takes its part in the world community. Get the message out there. Love love, don't hate life.

Stay Strong my friends.

6:49 pm
February 15, 2012


New Member

posts 1

Hi Tom,

I watched this movie when it was screened in my school and loved it, and when you came in person, I challenged you on what seemed to me like an overly persnoal emphasis of your analysis. (although great work overall). I would just suggest this mind-blowing book that backs my case for collective action and system-wide transformation. I still believe this is the only way real change will come, as much as the path you seek is also valid.






9:24 pm
February 8, 2012



Dear Tom,

I enjoyed the film.

It resonated with me on many levels and I do feel that you have experienced that which many people in our society are currently – we are knee deep in shift. Awakening to possiblity of our human spirit and fulfilling our true higher purpose. Its just below the surface.

I gained clarity in an emergency plane crash landing in December….when faced with one's mortality, shift happens quickly. A new story is emerging and  I have learnt that we are not isolated bodies but complicated organisms with skill sets that we were not even aware of. Time for stagefront in a more alert state.

A different reality is emerging and this is reflected in the turmoil all around us.

In the end, we are our brothers keeper….the message is love. If we can learn and understand this fact, there is a chance for us.

Follow your path – manifest what you were meant to be. This film is an inspiration. Connections are being made everywhere in projects, countries etc. Working together anything is possible.

One love,Smile


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How has I AM impacted YOU? This film is about only one kind of revolution…the PERSONAL Revolution!

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