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We're all connected

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12:04 am
August 15, 2013

Coolicool 5.0 Inch a


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1:01 am
November 15, 2011

luna datura


This movie is a MUST SEE for folks who enjoyed the I AM movie – it contains some taboo topics but directly speaks to the occupy wall street movement as well – FREE ENERGY is the next revolution 



3:17 pm
November 4, 2011

Oscar T


Geno said:

Can someone elaborate in layman's language what "we're all connected" represents.  I read this in all spiritual teachings; however, not quite sure I understand the concept.  Thanks!

Oscar T~ I was thrilled to see I Am some months ago, only because it's so important that these ideas soak into a majority of people – and not a minority. The Oneness of Mankind and all phenomena in the Universe has been well known for millenia, but we are at a stage in our human evolution right now that demands our understanding of this Oneness now before it's too late. It means that great sacrifice and loving tolerance of others must be practiced by those who know so that the principal of oneness may grow and spread. When one feels the reality of the oneness of all things, everything changes in one's approach to life and its challenges. We are not intensely involved in heaping up 'thiings' way beyond our's and our family's needs. This oneness becomes fairly obvious once one is exposed to it through personal observation of naure, the universe (for instance, the DVDs called 'Stargate' are a great start. It makes one realize that we are truly nothing without the spirit of insight called, 'oneness' Also, when one thinks about the human race, it is truly one – like a garden of many colored flowers of differing shapes and hues. It would be a stone bore to behold a garden with only one color, hue or shape. The creation of this worldly existence and the true reality behind it is like a puzzle that each of us must spend time on, using everything at our disposal in this age where we really do have access to just about any information about any subject we can think about. In fact, Google the 'oneness of mankind' or the 'oneness of humanity' and see what you get. The oneness of humanity is a good place to start before one gets into the wider cirlce of the 'oneness of all things'. I have found that the Baha'i Teachings are like mines of inestimable value when it comes to these subjects – especially the concept of God, the Unkowable Essence, the Ancient of Days, etc.

12:04 pm
August 30, 2011

I AM Team


posts 151

Hello Friends,

Thank you for contributing to the I AM forum page…
Let's start with post #1, the concept of "We are all Connected"… There are lots of studies/research/news online that proves how we are physically and emotional connected… One example is when a friend, loved one, or someone walks into the room with an attitude everyone in the room can feel it and we are all affected by it in our own way.
#2, Don't be discouraged by the road blocks… we all experience them. Including the I AM team when we were working to make I AM and start the conversation around I AM. Stay strong and keep moving.
#3, We tried to show I AM everywhere but it depended on the theaters and whether or not they would play the film…
I AM will be coming out on DVD January 3rd and will be playing on Video on Demand Nov 1st!
Peace! Thank you!

6:58 am
August 30, 2011



Does anyone know  how to I Am shown in a selected region/theatre?

12:33 am
August 30, 2011



Have not seen "I am" yet but am eager to do so. It is almost 3 o'clock in the morning and after falling asleep with the lights and tv on, I was literally awakened by the Oprah Show's music and her introductory package describing the life of Tom Shadyac. This was an encore presentation of the Oprah show but this morning, it is a timely viewing in my life because it confirms I am on the right path. I am a teacher by profession and by having the privilege of teaching in poor inner city schools and also rich private schools, I became the learner. Just as Tom Shadyac asserts, we are all connected well beyond material things and Race, the area if my expertise.

I have a question…I know what is important in life and have created different workshops on Race that proves how much we have in common rather than difference but I have encountered MUCH resistance from people in trying to promote my work–especially from those who are in positions of power to help. I have been plugging away at this for years and even just finished a PhD to obtain empirical evidence for my work but I keep encountering human roadblocks! Any advice? What can I do? I agree with the Dalai Lama's point that we need "critical thinking followed by action" in this world and I happen to teach these two skills in my work but I feel very caged in. Are there places to go or organizations that exist that HELP people who want to promote peace, cooperation and love through seminars/ programs?
Thank you.

3:33 pm
August 29, 2011



Can someone elaborate in layman's language what "we're all connected" represents.  I read this in all spiritual teachings; however, not quite sure I understand the concept.  Thanks!

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We're all connected

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