Dagan Handy


About Dagan

Dagan Handy was born and raised in Pasadena, CA and has always had a passion for film, music and illustration.  He began his career with Shady Acres Entertainment in 2001 as a personal assistant to Tom Shadyac on the film “Dragonfly” and became an instant student of the industry.  He has been privileged enough to work with Shadyac for 10+ years, spending countless hours both on and off set learning from the industry’s best.  He views every moment on set as an “opportunity to grow.”  Dagan also has a deep rooted connection to music, as his great, great Uncle is the “Father of the Blues”, W.C. Handy.  He’s been able to express his enthusiasm for music by helping to consult the music on a few of Tom’s feature films (Bruce Almighty, Accepted, Evan Almighty) and is responsible for the beautifully rich soundtrack of “I AM”.  Dagan was initially brought onto the “I AM” crew as an associate producer but stepped up to the plate and shepherded the production from start to finish.  He dealt with and coordinated the film’s budget, post production work and handled the day to day speed bumps that so often occur in documentary film-making; as well as assembling the diverse soundtrack and securing all music rights.  As a young producer, Dagan is eager to continue his passion and looks forward to the many, exciting projects on the horizon.

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