Harold Mintz

Media & PR Coordinator

About Harold

Harold and Tom grew up together as high school buddies in Northern Virginia.  Tom often says that Harold was his first writing partner, even though their early writing credits include getting sent to the principal’s office for writing/telling “inappropriate” jokes over the school’s public address system.

Harold went on to work in the worlds of advertising and marketing.

After reconnecting in 2007, Harold and Tom began discussing the possibility of a new talk show centered around the same themes as shown in I AM.  Intrigued by the possibilities of working together with his childhood friend on projects that might actually make a difference in the world, Harold packed up his family and moved to LA.  Harold now brings his marketing and communication skills to the Shady Acres team and the variety of current projects they are working on.

In 2000, Harold donated his left kidney to help someone who had been on the transplant waiting list for more than a decade.  In his spare time, Harold enjoys speaking with high schoolers on the topic of organ donation and to encourage everyone to sign their driver’s licenses to become future organ donors.
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